Rogue “Dead Guy Ale”

Posted: May 3, 2011 in Ale

I love this beer.  I have always thought this was one of my favorites.  After I decided to really start trying to explain how I felt about certain brews I saw myself being more and more critical for no good reason.  I guess it would be a little boring if I said “this beer is great” for everything but there is a limit to the praise, and……un-praise.  When I got this 6-pack I really didn’t love the first few like I know I really do.  I thought something was wrong maybe with me, maybe with the world, but I didn’t know.  Today I got home from a pretty hard day at work and opened one and wow was it good.  The second one just proves it.  To be truly honest Dead Guy shows why I like plain Ale beer the best.  There is so much you can do with a beer without putting it in some other category.  There is enough complexity that you need a few to really figure it out and by that time you won’t want much else.  Dead Guy is a great beer, you should go get some right now.  Oh and a quick flavor synopsis.  It is not too hoppy, but has a very nice bitterness which is balanced very well with a light maltiness.  Delicious.


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