Franziskaner “Weissbier”

Posted: May 14, 2011 in Wheat

Franziskaner is actually the name given to the Weissbier produced by the Spaten-Franziskaner-Bräu a brewery in Munich.  It was first alluded to in the 1300’s and has been at the same location since 1854.  They have been delivering to North America since 1909.  A Franziskaner is a Franciscan monk in German thus the monk on the label.  A monk is the symbol for Munich, and monks have played a large role in the development of brewing in Europe through the ages.  Wheat beers take on a few different names depending on where they are made.  In German “Weissbier” means white beer, “Hefeweizen” means yeast wheat and is the term used in English.  In Belgium it is just called white beer.  All of them are a little different.  I personally enjoy the German style the best.  It is traditionally served in a 0.5l curved glass.  I did get made fun of by our waiter one time in Munich for drinking it.  Apparently that is what the women drink.  Of the Weissbiers I’ve had this on is pretty good.  It is nice that it is pretty available, but there are some I live more.  If you can find the Paulaner, or Hofbrauhaus I would recommend either of them.  I do think that German wheat beer is better than American wheat beer.  When you pour this beer you will notice the cloudiness due to the it being unfiltered.  Another feature of Wheat beer is a high carbonation  which makes pouring a little tricky and requires a little bit of practice.  As of this bee specifically it is quite good.  It is refreshing every time.  If you have never had a German Weissbier get one as soon as possible they are so good, and Franziskaner is a good choice.


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