Deschutes Brewery “Mirror Pond Pale Ale”

Posted: May 18, 2011 in Pale Ale

This is a good example of why I like pale ales so much.  Mirror Pond is a good, simple ale that is just very drinkable, and I think that is something that is very important in a beer.  I enjoy those beers that are very over the top in their flavor, but at the end of the day the ones I prefer are the ones I can drink all night without being overwhelmed or overpowered.  The Deschutes Brewery does something I really like too in that they name their beers after something local.  I love when the name of a beer is from the town that it is made at.  Mirror Pond is a pond in Bend Oregon where you can see great reflections of the famous three sisters mountains.  They also have a Public House which is where the name “pub” came from.  The ale is a very nice slightly bitter but balanced ale.  It is brewed with cascade hops which I think create a very nice flavor without being overwhelming.  The ale is a very good pale ale, I recommend it.  It is one of those that I will get if I can’t make a decision.  Very good.


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