Sierra Nevada “Torpedo Extra IPA”

Posted: June 5, 2011 in IPA

India Pale Ale is a style of Pale Ale originally brewed for the passage to India.  The theory is that IPA is more hoppy than a normal Pale Ale to preserve the beer so it would last the trip to India but Porters and other styles also survived the voyage.  This brewery Bow Brewery was popular with the East India Trading company mainly due to its long line of credit for barrels of beer.  The Pale Ale Bow Brewery produced was a higher alcohol content, more hopped version of a normal pale ale.  People started to really enjoy the style of “Pale Ale Prepared For India” and other breweries started producing the style.  American IPA differs a bit from English IPA in my opinion.  American IPA is really hoppy compared to our English counterparts.  We also do some variances to a normal IPA like 30, 60, 90, 120 minuted IPA’s as well as single, double, and triple IPA all of which have higher and higher hop content.  Sierra Nevada Extra IPA is pretty hoppy.  I wouldn’t suggest it for somebody that doesn’t enjoy an IPA, pretty much it is not a beer for a beginner.  I really like it, it’s balanced well, the hops are nice and bitter without being overwhelming, and there is a slight citrus flavor to top the whole thing off.  I don’t think the Sierra Nevada Torpedo is a everyday beer, but it is one I would recommend to any hop head out there.


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