Kona “Longboard Lager”

Posted: June 19, 2011 in Lager

Longboard Lager is the flagship beer from the brewery but was introduced third behind the Golden Ale, and Pale Ale.  Kona was started by a father and son team in the mid 90’s.  A fun thing with the Kona beers is the island style they add to every beer.  I usually don’t really like extra flavors added to a beer but they pull it off well for every one I have had so far.  Longboard is just a normal Lager perfect for the islands.  The fact that they brew several places throughout the country is awesome.  When I was in Connecticut I had Longboard all the time.  I think it is pretty easy to make a Lager, but hard to make a good one.  The Kona Lager is good.  You do get a sense of the islands when you have one.

  1. Julia Scot says:

    Where did you find Longboards in CT? Miss them from my Kauai days!

    • 48degrees says:

      I didn’t get out much when I was there. I had Kona on tap at the bowling alley on Groton Sub Base. They have a brewery in New Hampshire and I get it now down in Virginia Beach. CT is part of their distribution region so I would thing you could get it most places there.

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