Hofbräuhau “Origional”

Posted: November 23, 2011 in Lager

The Hofbräuhaus is called “The Worlds Most Famous Beer Hall” and rightly so.  It is probably the #1 tourist attraction in Munich.  The brewery was founded in 1589 as the brewery to the old Royal Residence.  Adolf Hitler used the upper level of the beer hall to stage the famous “Beer Hall Putsch”.  When you go to the hall you can order 3 beers, a lager, a dark lager, and a wheat beer (that one is served in 1/2 liter instead of 1 liter and the Germans will tell you it’s for women).  The original is a lager.  It is very good as it follows the same 400+ year recipe.  German beer is fantastic in general and Hofbrau is proof of that.


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