Yuengling “Amber Lager”

Posted: December 18, 2011 in Lager

Yuengling is Americas oldest operating brewery.  They were established in 1892 by German immigrant David Gottlob Jungling.  Yuengling is the second largest American owned brewery (The Boston Beer Company is first).  The company is still family owned which is really cool.  About their lager, it’s alright.  It is an Amber Lager which is interesting, but a little off.  It has more flavor than a Lager, but not as much as an Amber.  It is light, easy to drink, and cheap.  When I drink some beers I get to the end and just pour it out.  Sometimes that last little bit just isn’t very good.  Yuengling Lager is like this.  It is good at first but turns not so good by the end of the bottle.  After a few which do go down pretty fast, it is better.  If you want a cheap beer this is the best one I have ever had.  There is so much more going on than Budweiser, Miller, Coors, PBR, ext.  I know people go crazy over this beer which I respect, I just don’t love it.  There are far better beers out there but having a Yuengling is having a part of American History.  I also love the fact that they didn’t sell to a foreign company like Budweiser did.  All in all Yuengling is alright and I will support the brewery when I can.


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