Widmer Brothers “Hefeweizen”

Posted: December 19, 2011 in Wheat

There comes a point in all mens lives where we change.  We go from being boys to men.  It is gradual yes, but there are some important milestones.  One point is the where our palate changes.  I’m talking about the when we stop drinking cheap domestics and graduate to full flavor craft beers.  The beer that did this for me was Widmer Brothers Hefeweizen.  I think I was about 21, and I was changed forever.  I think Widmer Brothers made a fantastic beer.  There is a lot of flavor without being to much.  Their Hefeweizen has a special place in my heart.  By the way American Wheat beers go this is one of the best.  Oregon State has more breweries than I can count and the fact the Widmer Brothers is as big as it is, and has survived as long in that market tells you they are special.  I do very much love this beer and think you will too.


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