Pyramid “Haywire Hefeweizen”

Posted: February 2, 2012 in Wheat

Pyramid is great.  If you are ever in Seattle and go to a Mariners game the Pyramid brewery is right across the street from the stadium.  They do this parking lot party for each game that is awesome.  Its a good way to try their beers without selling your kidney to buy them at the stadium.  Their restaurant is good too.  The Hefeweizen is Pyramids flagship beer.  It is very good.  It is exact ally how a Hefeweizen should be.  One thing they did in recent years is to give names to all of their beers.  It used to be Hefeweizen, now it’s Haywire Hefeweizen.  Thats cool I guess but why change what you have always been just because everybody else has a name for each of their styles.  Just a gripe from me I guess.  Anyway, their Hefeweizen is good, you should try it if you haven’t already.


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