Paulaner “Hefe-Weizen”

Posted: April 28, 2012 in Wheat

My favorite place in the entire world is Munich Germany.  There is just something about being in the capitol of Bavaria that is magical.  The people are just good, the food is amazing, and the beer is fantastic.  Most of the year you can get Helles (German for “bright”) their golden lager style being brewed since the 1890’s, Dunkel (German for “dark”) the maltier roasted variety.  Those beers are served in 1 liter steins which if you are not used to those glasses they are not for boys.  Some parts of society think drinking 40’s is manly, I say F that, real men use steins.  Also they have Weisbier, which is what our Hefeweizen is.  In the more touristy places it is fine to get it but some local places they make fun of you because that beer is for women.  I don’t really care it is one of the greatest things I have ever had.  German Weisbier is more carbonated than most American styles so I can’t drink a lot of them, but a couple is worth it.  Paulaner is 8th among Germany’s best selling breweries and has been such an integral part of the city of Munich for so long their symbol is on the city’s maypole.  This Hefeweizen is so good there aren’t really words to describe.  It is a little expensive to get it here but you can get cases in a lot of stores and it is so very worth it.  Every person that is serious about beer needs to have this as a point to compare every other Hefeweizen to.


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