Boddingtons “Pub Ale”

Posted: June 22, 2012 in Ale

I remember the first time I had this beer.  I was at my friend Eric Horne”s house in Portland.  I was still new to the good beer scene.  This beer was unlike anything I have ever had.  It is an Ale, but doesn’t taste like an ale.  It taste like cream (not like from milk cream, it is just really creamy).  I discovered that night that there are beers other than Guinness, that use nitrogen, not carbon dioxide to add the fizz to their beers.  I like this beer, it’s different.  I still haven’t found another nitrogen ale.  I’ve had a few stouts, and even a Irish red with nitrogen, but no other ales.  Funny thing about the word pub, (as in Boddingtons “Pub” Ale), Pub is just a shortening of the title “Public House” which is what bars used to be called back in the day, no, not not Wednesday, a really long time ago.  I thought that tid bit was cool.  Back to the beer, it’s from England which is nice.  Not everything is good just because it isn’t from this continent but in this case it is.  Just the experience of the creaminess from the nitrogen in this beer is worth trying.  What is being into beer if it’s not the willingness to try new things.  Whenever I drink Boddingtons I keep trying to figure it out, I never do, but I keep trying, and that is the fun part.  And besides it comes in Tall Boys, what could be better?


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