Sierra Nevada “Killerweis Hefeweizen”

Posted: June 22, 2012 in Wheat

We all know That I really like Sierra Nevada.  As far as I’m concerned they can do no harm.  Their Wheat Beer is no exception.  Wheat beers are top fermented beers with a large portion of wheat in addition to the barley.  In Germany the wheat beers are called “Weizen” which means wheat.  There are two main types with different prefixes, Hefe (for yeast), and Kristall (for crystal which is the same beer filtered).  The naming of Bavarian, Belgian, Dutch, etc countries wheat beers is a lengthly discussion.  The important thing to know is Hefeweizen is the same as a “Wheat Beer”.  About Sierra Nevada, their Wheat Beer is very good.  There is nothing to set it over the top, but it is very good.  I think what I’m trying to get out is this particular brew is just basically good.  It is well balanced, and drinks very well.  Again, I love Sierra Nevada and their Wheat Beer doesn’t disappoint.


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