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Leffe “Abbey Ale”

Posted: June 3, 2011 in Abbey

Abbey Beers are commercially brewed beers identical to monastery brewed Belgium “Trappist” beers.  I’ll get into Trappist beers some other time I promise.  Abbey Beers either license from an actual monastery, or use the name of an Abbey ruin.  Just because these are not made by monks does not mean they are not fantastic.  Leffe is a monastery founded in the 1100’s in Belgium.  Until the 1950’s Leffe was brewed in Overijse but was bought by InBev Belgium and is brewed at the Stella Artois brewery.  The Leffe Abbey Ale is a wonderful beer.  Trappists, and Abbey Ales are my favorites.  There is so much complexity with every wonderful sip without being heavy, or overpowering.  This particular beer is unique in how you can buy it.  Usually an Abbey Ale is purchased in single bottles, or in 750ml with a champagne cork.  You can get this in a six pack for a very reasonable price.  The quality of the product is very good, I know there are better Abbey Ales out there, but there are a lot worse and for the availability it’s hard to beat something this good.  I like to tell people that Belgium Abbey Beers are the Champagne of the beer world and I would use this one to prove that.