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Gordon Biersch “Blonde Bock”

Posted: July 25, 2011 in Bock

Bock beers  is a lightly hopped  German Ale (though some are made lager style).  It was made by monks to help with hunger pangs during fasting.  Bock beers are relatively sweet and malty.  I think this is the perfect beer if you want to see the difference between a hop flavor from an IPA, and a malt flavor.  Gordon Biersch makes all their beers using traditional Bavarian brewing techniques.  Since 1988 they have been producing some of the finest American craft beers.  The Blonde Bock is great.  It has a very subtle hop flavor, perfect malty characters.  It is light but very flavorful.  It is easy to have several.  I recommend it to anybody.