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I had my curiosity perked the other day.  I wanted to see what the best beers in the world are.  I was certain that Belgian Trappist were going to dominate the overall list, but I was sourly mistaken.  The majority style of beer for the last about 4 or so years I looked back was Imperial Stouts.  I love me a good stout, but I really haven’t spent a whole lot of time seeing the difference between all of them.  So I went and picked up Samuel Smith’s today.  If you haven’t had Samuel Smith’s I recommend it.  They are a very old English brewery making traditional English and more modern styles.  The brewery has been in operation since 1758 and is the oldest brewery in Tadcaster England.  All of the beers I have had from this company have been very good.  So about the Imperial Stout.  I like it quite a bit.  It has all the classics of a Stout; Low carbonation, Small dark head, dark complexion, and a rich unique flavor.  You can taste coffee, mocha, and the toasted grains themselves.  It is very malty, but sweet in a good way.  It coats your mouth with deliciousness with a superb aftertaste.  This is a great beer, and I look forward to trying more of the style.