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Starr Hill “India Pale Ale”

Posted: February 2, 2012 in IPA

It’s no secret that I am biased to the Northwest beers, I just think we make a better product.  The beers I have had on the East Coast are good, but I prefer it back home.  In the mid 90’s Mark Thompson returned to Virginia from Portland Oregon having learned a few things about artisanal brewing.  He began brewing in Charlottesville and has done very well.  They have won quite a few awards including one from the world beer cup for their Irish Stout.  The IPA is very good.  It isn’t to hoppy, but at the same time hoppy enough.  The flavors balance quite well.  It is for sure a beer worth trying and if this one was so good and hasn’t won awards like their other beers I am excited to try some more varieties.  Try Starr Hill if you get a chance.


Terminal Gravity “IPA”

Posted: November 25, 2011 in IPA

Terminal Gravity Brewery and Public House in Enterprise Oregon is fantastic.  I haven’t been to the Pub, but their IPA is awesome.  That beer was named beer of the year by The Oregonian news paper.  “Terminal Gravity India Pale Ale is one of the best beers in the state, and therefore the country.  It is a rich copper in the glass with a lucious hops aroma betraying a vigorous hopping rate.  Complex maltiness balances the hoppy bite, as do the peachy notes… imparted by the yeast.”  John Foyston, The Oregonian.  They use spring water and snow melt which I think helps make a delicious brew.  I really hope this brewery starts distributing more because I think everybody needs to try this IPA, it is soooooo good.

Dogfish Head “90 Minute Imperial IPA”

Posted: November 21, 2011 in IPA

I love IPA’s, well Pale Ales actually.  I love the bitter hop flavor, and sweet aftertaste.  I love that they are not heavy or thick.  I love the color, and vast variety.  Of all the Pale Ales styles I like IPA the best.  One of the greatest IPA’s I have ever had is the Dogfish Head 90 Minute Imperial IPA.  It’s an explosion of awesomeness in your mouth.  Not just the way IPA’s should be, but the way any beer should be is in this one bottle.  You can taste the love and care in every sip.  Easily one of the best beers there is, you need to go try it…..believe me it’s good.

Heavy Seas “Loose Cannon Hop3 IPA”

Posted: November 19, 2011 in IPA

Heavy Seas is brewed by Baltimore’s Clipper City Brewing Co.  Hugh Sisson is the founder.  Hugh lobbied to legalize brewpubs in Maryland and after that success started brewing in 1989 at his families pub.  The brewpub “Sisson’s” is Maryland’s first brew pub.  They have an perfect idea for the business “Bold without being reckless”.  That mindset shows for the Loose Cannon IPA.  It is hopped three times during brewing which makes a very balanced, solid, perfect IPA.  And at 7.25% it gets to you quick.  I really like this beer.  Also the pirate theme is fantastic.  I love everything pirate and I think cool labels and unique themes are great.  All in all it is a great beer and I can’t wait to try more of their styles.

Red Hook “IPA”

Posted: September 24, 2011 in IPA

Red Hook is one of my favorite stand by beers.  Everything they make is solid and very good.  The IPA is a great example of how the style should be.  I talked a bit more about the company in my post of their ESB. The brewery is really cool. I even have a friend that got married at the Woodinville one. The IPA is nice and bitter, you can really taste the hop oils. But at the same time it isn’t overwhelming. It’s pretty easy to have a few. If you haven’t tried it yet and like the IPA style go try it.

India Pale Ale is a style of Pale Ale originally brewed for the passage to India.  The theory is that IPA is more hoppy than a normal Pale Ale to preserve the beer so it would last the trip to India but Porters and other styles also survived the voyage.  This brewery Bow Brewery was popular with the East India Trading company mainly due to its long line of credit for barrels of beer.  The Pale Ale Bow Brewery produced was a higher alcohol content, more hopped version of a normal pale ale.  People started to really enjoy the style of “Pale Ale Prepared For India” and other breweries started producing the style.  American IPA differs a bit from English IPA in my opinion.  American IPA is really hoppy compared to our English counterparts.  We also do some variances to a normal IPA like 30, 60, 90, 120 minuted IPA’s as well as single, double, and triple IPA all of which have higher and higher hop content.  Sierra Nevada Extra IPA is pretty hoppy.  I wouldn’t suggest it for somebody that doesn’t enjoy an IPA, pretty much it is not a beer for a beginner.  I really like it, it’s balanced well, the hops are nice and bitter without being overwhelming, and there is a slight citrus flavor to top the whole thing off.  I don’t think the Sierra Nevada Torpedo is a everyday beer, but it is one I would recommend to any hop head out there.

When I first wrote about this beer I didn’t give it a very good review.  I said it wasn’t as bitter as the company described it.  Since then I have tried quite a few other IPA’s and have learned a lot as well as developing my palate a little bit.  Just being really, really bitter doesn’t mean you have a winning IPA.  I think the key to a fantastic beer is the balance between all the flavors that can be reasonable introduced in just one bottle.  It is a difficult art to master, the brewing of beer.  Samuel Adams did a very good thing with the Latitude 48 IPA.  It is well balanced, smooth, and easy to fall in love with.  I love that Samuel Adams is as big as it is so you can get their beers almost anywhere.  All in all this is a great brew.