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Harpoon “Summer Beer”

Posted: November 19, 2011 in Kolsch

The summer seasonal from Harpoon is a Kolsch style.  It’s alright, not bad but not great.  It might just be the style because Kolsch beer is supposed to be light thirst quenching beer.  Or it might be that they seemed to make it tast like more than a Kolsch should taste like.  Harpoon is a cool brewery.  They were the first brewery to obtain a permit to manufacture alcohol in Massachesetts for 25 years in 1986.  This is the only one of their beers I have tried so I will try more.  They are best known for their IPA so I will give that a try next.  A brewery like Harpoon doesn’t stay around for this long without having something good but the Summer Beer isn’t it.