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Harpoon “Octoberfest”

Posted: March 24, 2012 in Marzen

Harpoon is great.  The owners started the brewery in 1986 after touring Europe and wanting to bring some of that to New England.  Their care for making a good product shows.  The Octoberfest is a ver good Marzen style.  Harpoon is the first beer to be brewed commercially in Boston since 1964.  All of the beers I have had from Harpoon has been very, very good.  This one is no different.  The flavor is very classic Marzen, malty with a slight bitter taste.  All the flavors balance, and it is easy to session.  It’s easy to find (at least on the east coast), and not expensive.  When the leaves are starting to change and you want one for the season try the Harpoon you won’t be disapointed.


Samuel Adams “Octoberfest”

Posted: December 12, 2011 in Marzen

Octoberfest is the beer festival in Munich Germany from late September to the first weekend in October.  It is the worlds largest fair with more than 5 million participants every year.  Marzen style ale is beer that is traditionally brewed in March.  A German brewing ordinance decreed that beer could only be brewed from September 29th to April 23rd because risk of fire during the summer.  The last beer they brewed in March was darker and full bodied with a higher alcohol content and more hops.  This beer was drank late in the summer and the remaining was drank at the Octoberfest celebration.  So if you see a Marzen it is an Octoberfest, and vice versa.  The style is very, very good.  It is creamy and rich without being to malty.  It has just enough hops to balance the sweetness.  The Samuel Adams Octoberfest is a fall seasonal beer.  I look forward to it coming out every year.  This is one of the best Marzen style beers I have had from an American Brewery.  Put it on your list to get when it comes back next year.