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Magic Hat “Not Quite Pale Ale”

Posted: December 12, 2011 in Pale Ale

I like it when a brewery experiments, and pushes the limit of beer flavors.  I don’t like when a beer is over the top.  This beer is just that.  I’m not saying you will hate it, but I did.  I think Magic Hat is cool, the label is neat, but this beer is a little to much.  This is how they describe it: “A beer cloaked in secrecy.  An ale whose mysterious and unusual palate will swirl across your tongue and ask more questions than it answers.  A sort of dry, crisp, refreshing, not-quite pale ale.  #9 is really impossible to describe because there’s never been anything else quite like it.”  They are right I have never had anything like it.  If you are expecting a pale ale go somewhere else.  If you want something that is unlike any other beer there is, this could be the one for you.  Try if you want but I will not be getting this one again.


Pale ales are my favorite type of every day beer.  Abbey style is my favorites all time, but I don’t consider that a every day beer.  Pale ale is beer that has the malt dried by coke (not cocaine) which creates a light color and character.  I like the idea that a new style is emerging as “Northwest Pale Ale”.  The Northwest takes it’s hops to a different level.  If you drink an English IPA it is less hoppy than a NWPA in my opinion.  The Deschutes Brewery Pale Ale is right on point.  It is bitter and hoppy without being overwhelming.  There is a lot of flavor and it just makes you want to have another sip to make sure it really is that good.  I like this beer, you will too, trust me.



This is a good example of why I like pale ales so much.  Mirror Pond is a good, simple ale that is just very drinkable, and I think that is something that is very important in a beer.  I enjoy those beers that are very over the top in their flavor, but at the end of the day the ones I prefer are the ones I can drink all night without being overwhelmed or overpowered.  The Deschutes Brewery does something I really like too in that they name their beers after something local.  I love when the name of a beer is from the town that it is made at.  Mirror Pond is a pond in Bend Oregon where you can see great reflections of the famous three sisters mountains.  They also have a Public House which is where the name “pub” came from.  The ale is a very nice slightly bitter but balanced ale.  It is brewed with cascade hops which I think create a very nice flavor without being overwhelming.  The ale is a very good pale ale, I recommend it.  It is one of those that I will get if I can’t make a decision.  Very good.

I am a fan of Widmer Brothers.  This particular Pale Ale is good.  It has a nice strong hop flavor, is pretty dry, and light.  Drifter is made with citrus so it has flavors of orange, and lemon to compliment the bitterness.  As to drinkability, I don’t to much care for many of them.  The aftertaste doesn’t settle well with me.  I think this is a great beer to try, or maybe have at a nice outside pub on a warm day.  For me, I don’t think I will get it again very soon.  I think everybody should make their own opinion, and that is the fun of it just trying new things.  In closing I would say this is a good beer, but I wouldn’t have a lot of them.

I just just got another six pack the other day and my appreciation for the Drifter has grown.  I almost didn’t recognize it due to the new label.  I’m hoping it is a regular beer now instead of a seasonal.  It is a very good pale ale, I hope it stays around.


Sierra Nevada “Pale Ale”

Posted: April 8, 2011 in Pale Ale

Being from the northwest I am just as anti-california as anybody else.  I do have to defend their state a little bit.  The wine is great, the parks are beautiful, there are fun cities with awesome music, and the beer is good.  My personal favorite is Sierra Nevada.  This is my standby beer,  the one I get if I can’t make a decision on anything else.  They craft their beer with no added ingredients, so it is just grains, hops, yeast, and water, no preservatives or additives of any kind.  They also bottle condition their beer which if you don’t know is the process of adding a very small amount of yeast to naturally carbonate the beer instead of injecting with CO2 while bottling.  I just think the final product is much superior.  Their Pale Ale is not an IPA, but it has a very strong, complex hop note anyway.  I think that this beer has a lot going on without trying to do to much.  All the parts are there.  It has a good taste, strong hop flavor, good drinkability, and nice aftertaste.  I will always recommend this particular ale.