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I had a friend over the other day.  He is a big Guinness drinker.  I gave him one of the Foreign Extra Stouts.  He thought it was really good, and had no idea it was Guinness.  The Foreign Extra Stout is a CO2, instead of traditional Nitrogen carbonation.  It is quite a bit different than a normal Guinness mostly due to the carbonation.  This is a very smooth stout.  It tastes of chocolate, coffee, and roasted grains.  It is thicker that normal Guinness, but easy to have a few.  I would prefer a draft Guinness, but I think if I’m going to go get one from a store it would be hard to choose between a normal Guinness and their “Foreign Extra Stout”.  Even with the fact that it is a stout there is a little bit of a bitter taste which adds just enough to keep interest.  All in all I think it is a great beer, and a great stout.